Turkish Ibrik 4 Cup Copper Coffee Maker

Turkish Ibrik 4 Cup Copper Coffee Maker

No. 40001311

Arguably the world's first brewing tool that uses chemistry to extract flavour, texture and appearance from coffee, the Ibrik is made from copper and is a high conductor of heat. By distributing temperature easily, it allows for the gentle infusion of water and aromatic oils extracted from the coffee beans. Makes 4 cups of Turkish coffee.
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product detail

The Ibrik (also known as Cezve in Turkish) has been used since the late 15th century and is documented to be the oldest known method of brewing coffee.

How to use an Ibrik:

1. Add two teaspoons of ground coffee to the Ibrik (1/2 a teaspoon per cup)

2. Add sugar to taste if needed (personal preference)

3. Add two pods of cardamom or a cinnamon stick (optional)

4. Mix all ingredients and place Ibrik on the stove

5. Warm up the mixture slightly for 10 - 30 seconds while mixing it using a teaspoon

6. Pour hot or cold water into the Ibrik and fill it up to 3/4 full

7. Bring to a boil, remove from heat as soon as it starts foaming up

8. Allow the foam (crema) to drop by 1 or 2 cm, then place the Ibrik back on the stove

9. Repeat step 7 and 8 three times

10. Remove the Ibrik from heat

11. Wait 30 seconds to a minute before pouring the coffee into your cup

12. Do not pour the last part of residue, you will notice it will be quite muddy