Hug in a Mug

As part of the House of Coffees range, the Hug In A Mug powered cappuccino flavours are innovatively developed to suit the South African palette. Made using real coffee, each sachet produces a thick, creamy cappuccino with all the perks.

The new cappuccino treat from House of Coffees lets you indulge and satisfy your cravings, instantly, with the latest addition to the House of Coffees range: Hug in a Mug. This range of flavoured instant cappuccinos offers on-the-go, easy and delicious solutions to meet the South African taste profile without compromising on the quality of the real coffee that is used in each variant. Offering you bursts of flavourful self-appreciation, fun and moments of escapism with every sip! With sachet formats that suit the office consumption, let your staff escape for a few minutes of indulgence.

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