CaffeNu Cleaning Tablets - Nespresso Compatible (1 x 5)

CaffeNu Cleaning Tablets - Nespresso Compatible (1 x 5)

No. 61011541

Nespresso® machines, if not cleaned correctly, can accumulate dirty coffee oils, bitter tannins, old granules and eventually bacteria. These build-ups are greater when the machine is in constant use, especially within hotels and food service industries. Along with the unwanted build-up comes poor-tasting coffee and eventual machine malfunction. The Caffenu® Cleaning Capsule was specially designed to remove all build-up and bacteria with its unique foaming action.

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Within just 2 minutes, the powerful cleaning agent cleans the brewing chamber, nozzle, spout and all inaccessible parts of your coffee machine. Compatible with Nespresso® coffee systems.